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About Us

Sagal Theophil Marak

Store Owners

It's real pleasure to be introduced to Ecwid. Really, I'm happy to have a store like marakmade. I have done the store at Ecwid and I'm grateful. Ecwid inspired me. A lot of thanks, Ecwid.

I'm interested in graphic work and like pure vector graphic. Graphic is always very pleasing and I do that with great pleasure. I do graphic of my own design sense and creativity.

Marakmade is my a graphic page and made up wonderful artworks. Specially, logo and wall arts can be had from this site. These are all made of mine. You may see the products. Hope you will  like to see that. You are most welcome.


I live in Birisiri and is situated among the river Someshwari. This river have increased the beauty of our Birisiri. There are hills and the green fields besides the river. The natural scenery of Birisiri is charming so too. Our locality is full of natural resources. Nature has his own beauty there. That's beauty is to see ... and life there is simple and good,


Birisiri, Durgapur.

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